Chemical Extracted Food Oil 

Food production should not allow toxic chemicals to be used in contact with food materials and processing food. Allowing toxic chemicals to directly contact food materials and processing food not only violates the most basic common knowledge of mankind, it is also a deliberate act against humanity. 

There is no controversy in the scientific community that n-hexane is a neurotoxin that causes serious developmental harm to the nervous system and brain.  Independent toxicology tests by researchers in China and abroad also clearly prove that n-hexane is an endocrine disruptor and causes developmental harm to the reproductive system of both females and males. 

Chemical extracted oil using n-hexane as a solvent in direct contact with food materials to extract food oil result in n-hexane residues in food oil, and extremely high n-hexane residues in soybean protein powder (the Chinese national standard allows an n-hexane residue <500 mg/kg  for human consumption). Regardless of how long it has been accepted in the market and by how many Western nations, this should in no case be the excuse for allowing it in China.  We therefore suggest the Chinese government issue a moratorium on using neurotoxin n-hexane for processing food oil. 

We also recommend that the Chinese government organize the four types of toxicology tests on all "chemical extracted" GM soybean food oils and "chemical extracted" edible protein powders and animal feed. These tests should be: 

a) A minimum of two years long-term chronic toxicology feeding test
b) A minimum of two years long-term carcinogenic test
c) Multiple generation teratogenic test
d) Minimum three generation reproduction toxicology test 

These four types of independent toxicology tests are essential to establish human safety not only for the Chinese people, but also for global mankind.

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