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Nov 11 and 12, 2015

Global Unity in Quest for Integrity in Food Supply

Announcements from the UK showed scientists and citizens fo the world that the international community has united and risen up to stand for transparency and integrity in our food supply.


Nov 11 it was announced in the UK that Russian and European scientists have launched a 25 million dollar GMO study that has all the parameters that have been missing in a life long study on rats fed GMos. The feeding study will test various GMOs, Roundup and glyphosate separately. The scientists are independant from chemical companies and declare it a nuetral study. It is the first time we can recollect that scientists in this area have announced ahead of time that they are conducting such a study. Usually the work and the identity of scientist are held in secrecy for months if not years after the study and peer review is complete to protect the identity of the scientist. Apparently, with 25 million dollars in backing, the scientists feel confident to reveal themselves. We are grateful, because this announcement is highly encouraging for those of us who have been struggling to make sense of what occurs as obvious health risks related to GMOs and the lack of life time animal studies to prove it. We have some studies, but the media has not accepted their validity and the oppposition only discredits any study showing harm. Our question to GMO proponenets has been, "If you disagree with the results of the Seralini or Ermakova rat studies showing increased growth and weight gain, infertility, sterility, tumors and loss of young, why not replicate them?"

BT Toxin scientist, Dr. Fedrici's response on Nov 6 at a GMO debate with Zen Honeycutt was, "We don't want to waste our time on an irrelevant study." GMO proponent Alan McHughen's response was "Why waste the lives of rats..."

Now the study will be repeated, with thousands of rats, with world class scientists, working together. And the results will be undeniable. It is a triumph of human dedication to discover the reality of GMOs, to demand transparency of the impact of GMOs and to stand for integrity in our food supply.

See the news media about the study here:

 Reuters Great Pick Up:
In another astounding show of unity the Letter from America to the UK was debuted Nov 12, 2015 with over 56,700 signatures from notable Americans! It is an extraordinary showing of support and concern for the UK to resist the introduction of more GMOs into their country. We see the health of our children and nation rapidly declining since the introduction of GMOs and glyphosate and see the numerous studies showing a correlation of harm. Most importantly we mothers see our children get beter when they get off GMOs. We mothers are thrilled with the partnership from around the world rising up and working together to bring integrity to our food. THANK YOU to the organizers of this letter an deveryone who signed it.
We ask everyone to sign the letter from the UK AND the International  Open Letter to China.
China is the world's lergest purchaser of GMOs and the biggest producer and exporter of glyphosate.
We must reach the moms who buy 85% of the food, and the country of China.
Thank you for signing!
With Gratitude,
Moms Across the World

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