The Present Theory of GM Technology Is Wrong 

Our understanding of genetics has changed dramatically beginning in the mid-1990s and especially since the human genome was sequenced. At the same time, analytical tools have advanced to such an extent that it is now possible to read the nucleic acid sequences of a single cell. Artificial genetic modification was motivated by a picture of organisms being hardwired in their genes, with DNA passing genetic information to RNA and on to proteins in linear causal chains. Now we see all of the molecular components constantly talking to one another and to the environment and executing and changing genetic information that is passed on to subsequent generations in a complex process of natural genetic modification. 

Natural genetic information is strictly context-dependent, precisely targeted and implemented without damaging the genome, and negotiated by the organism as a whole. In contrast artificial genetic modification depends on disrupting, overriding and hijacking the natural process, which is why it is uncontrollable, unpredictable and most likely unsafe. Reliable evidence obtained by scientists independent of the biotech industry fully corroborates the experiences of farmers in the field. GM feed and other exposure to GMOs invariably causes harm; regardless of the species of animals, GM crop, or the genes and GM constructs involved, and includes liver and kidney damage, early death, birth defects, infertility, tumours, and cancers. 

Based on our joint experiences, we recommend that the Chinese government support the correct direction of GM technology research, and develop ecological, organic agriculture: 

1) Must study the harm caused by GMOs developed to date on the environment, ecology, biodiversity, bacteria, health of animals and humans, and the mechanism causing such harm; 

2) Must study the basic reasons why all GMOs developed to date harm off-target species; 

3) Must study the basic reasons why all GMOs developed to date are later found to cause or result in a series of unexpected results; 

4) Must study if it is possible to develop GMOs without such series of harms, not harming off-target species, and without such unexpected results?

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