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Small Scale Ecological Organic Farming

Small Scale Ecological Organic Farming, which achieves higher yield, produces healthier agricultural edible products with better nutritional levels and minimal toxic chemical residuals, is the only sustainable agriculture development direction for China and global mankind. 

It was small scale ecological organic farming that enabled the Chinese race to thrive for over 5000 years, resulting in Chinese farmers accumulating abundant experience in small scale ecological organic farming heritage in the world. 

Long term comparison studies between the "chemical agriculture, GM agriculture" developed in the USA and the ecological agriculture developed in Western Europe has clearly proven: 

  • GM agriculture in general has lower yield than non-GM agriculture;
  • GM agriculture increases the total applied amount of chemical herbicides, pesticide and fungicides than non-GM agriculture;
  • GM plants in general not only contain lower nutritional levels, lack a series of essential mineral nutrients, but also contain toxic chemical herbicide residues and/or toxic GM Bt proteins;
  • Researchers from USA, Canada, Australia, India and China reveal: GM Bt rice, GM Bt corn, GM Bt potatoes, through their root exudates release Bt toxin to the soil. Chinese researchers also found that glyphosate-tolerant GM soybeans “reduce the number of bacteria as well as the diversity of bacteria in the rhizosphere, and cause a certain degree of inhibition to Nitrospira bacteria in the rhizosphere of the soil."

This shows that these most widely grown GMs have an accumulated harmful effect on the health of soil -- convincingly showing that GM agriculture is not sustainable. 

The International Conference on Organic Agriculture and Food Security, 3 - 5 May 2007 stressed: 

"Organic agriculture as a holistic production management system that avoids use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified organisms, minimizes pollution of air, soil and water, and optimizes the health and productivity of interdependent communities of plants, animals and people. The term `agriculture’ is used in its wider sense to include crop/livestock systems, organic aquaculture and organic harvesting of non-timber forest products." 

"Overall, the world average organic yields are calculated to be 132 percent more than current food production levels (Badgley, et al., 2006)." 

We understand the difficulties and the heavy investment usually required to convert cultivatable land extensively exhausted by chemical fertilizer, herbicide and pesticides, heavy metal pollution etc. 

We have also brought and shared our experience on some effective techniques jointly developed by researchers in the USA, Germany and Brazil. 

We also have great pleasure learning that some effective new techniques, some based on Chinese ancient achievements over 2300 years ago, are now been trialed and applied with encouraging results under different conditions in China. 

We therefore, based on our joint experience, strongly suggest to the Chinese government that ecological and organic agriculture is the only long term sustainable future for China's agriculture to develop and provide sufficient, high nutrient healthy agricultural products without all the toxic residues brought by most GM products into the food supply. 

By the above-proposed suggestions, the Chinese government will lead nations to greater health and prosperity, and make a great contribution to global mankind!

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