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 Who We Are

Moms Across the World is a collaborative effort of moms and supporters around the world. Co Founders of this global initiative, Moms Across America founder Zen Honeycutt and Vandana Shiva of Diverse Women for Diversity and Navdanya are working with international women leaders. We have expanded with Moms Across Africa, Moms Across Canada, Moms Across Ireland, and we are collaborating with Moms in China, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Belize, UK, Jamaica and more. 

We are simply moms who are committed to caring for our children and protecting our planet. Our only special interest is the welll being of our families. We are committed to transforming the food system, strengthening our communities, and improving the health of our children and generations to come.

How We Will Do This

 We will protect the health of our children by empowering billions to educate themselves about GMOs/related pesticides and use our purchasing power to shift demand for organic food. We will elminate the use of toxic chemicals on our food through raising awareness about the impact of chemical and industrial farming and by campaigning our elected officials to protect us.

Our primary focus is to create opportunties for moms to take on leadership in their communties in fun and easy events which inspire connection, suport, education and participation. Together we are creating a new, healthy future by transforming the food system.  We invite your organization or individuals to join us by starting a Moms Across Your Country and hosting events to gather moms.

Our Inspiration


 "To this day, Native American Tribal leaders are elected by the Mothers of the tribe. The mothers also continue to hold the power to remove a leader based on lack of performance." - The United States Native American Museum display.

Why is this? This is because a community trusts that a mother's commitment is in alignment with their best interest. This trust is universal...in the last twenty years however, it has been clouded over by special interest groups lobbying for big food, big agriculture and big chemical companies. This does not work for the health or future of our countries.
We mothers will protect our loved ones and our communities. We will not stop, We will not give up. The love for our children will never end.
We see what is happening in America and we will work to prevent it from happening in other countries.

1 out of 2 American children have some form of chronic illness. We have 50% more infants who die on day one of life in the USA, than all of the industralized nations combined. America has the highest infertility/sterility/miscarriage and loss of young in recorded history, 30%, which exactly correlates with pigs who are feed grains sprayed with glyphosate (Roundup) . Cancer is the #1 killer of our children today and illness have skyrocketed: allergies up 400%, autsim up 1500%, diabetes have quadrupled in teens in the past 10 years, Colitis has tripled and Crohn's disease up 79% in the past ten years in children diagnosed from outpatient hospital depatent alone.  1 out of 2 of our children wll have autism 20 years from now is something is not changed. These illnesses, and more,*  have all been linked to the increased use of GMOs in our foods and the related pesticides sprayed on GMO and non organic crops. Americasn eats the most GMOs and have the worst health of developed countries. Around the world where we see an increase in GMOs, we are also seeing increased health issues. In China, 10,000  people a day are now diagnosed with cancer and they import the world's largest amount of GMOs.
It is not enough for just our families to eat organic, our children's future spouses are out there somewhere, in the world, and we want them to be able to experience the profound love that it is to have their own child someday and have a healthy families for generations. At the current rate of increased GMO/pesticide/herbicide consumption and correlate health increases, this may not be possible.
Now is the time for mothers to arise in our commuties to hold leaders to account for protecting us. Now is the time to demand that our governmental agencies, Presidents, Prime Ministers, elected officials, and city leaders hold the well being of our chidren and citizens foremost before the profit of a few chemical companies. Now is the time to stop the contamination of our children and the pollution of our planet. 

Committ to expanding the awareness of GMOs and related toxins in our food system by:

  • Celebrate Mother Earth and Moms by participating in Mother's campaign 2015 by making a video to hold your leaders to account for healthy soil, healthy plants and healthy people.
  • Host a Moms Across the World Meetup, May 2, 2015 at your home or community center with an international video conference connecting mothers around the world. 
  • Click on the ACTION page and sign letters and petitions. Write your own letter or make a video. Email us.
Together we can transform the food industry. Moms buy 85% of the food. It is up to us.
We CAN create a new future through our food supply and we will. The future belongs to us.
Thank you!
Moms Across the World
Contact [email protected] for more info
*Statistics and data can be found on www.momsacrossamerica.com/data. This website is a work in progress and sources of info will also be listed here as soon as possible.


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