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 Now is the time for mothers to be leaders in our commuties to hold elected officials to account for protecting us. Now is the time to demand that our governmental agencies, Presidents, Prime Ministers, elected officials, and city leaders hold the well being of our chidren and citizens as a priority before the profit of a few chemical companies. Now is the time to stop the contamination of our children and the pollution of our planet. 

Commit to expanding the awareness of GMOs and related toxins in our food system by:

  • Celebrate Mother Earth and Moms by participating in Mother's campaign 2015 by making a video to hold your leaders to account for healthy soil, healthy plants and healthy people.
  • Host a Moms Across the World MeetUp, May 2, 2015 at your home or community center with an international video conference connecting mothers around the world. 
  • Click on the ACTION page and sign letters and petitions. Write your own letter or make a video. Email us.
  • Donate to support the expansion of awareness and action around the world.
Together we can transform the food industry. Moms buy 85% of the food. It is up to us. We CAN create a new future through our food supply and we will. The future belongs to us.
Co-Creators of the Mother's Campaign, Zen Honeycutt of Moms Across America and Moms Across the World and Vandana Shiva of Diverse Women for Diversity and Navdanya invite you to join us. 

Navdanya’s mission is a global Seed Freedom campaign for GMO free, patent free, poison free food and farming systems. Moms Across America and the World's motto is "Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids".

Around the world, mothers are the ones who primarily grow, prepare and serve the organic food to nourish our families. We decide what our families eat and the future of our families is up to us.
1. Join us in a two week Mother's Campaign from Mother Earth Day to Mother's Day, April 22 to May 10 as mothers across the world care for their children and protect the planet in unity. We will CALL OUT the leaders who are contaminating our children and polluting our planet.
  • Make a 2-3 minute VIDEO calling out the top three or number one leader who is responsible in your country for toxins polluting your food and environment to let them know you demand their resignation.
  • For example : A Council member in Hawaii took a $17,000 donation from Syngenta and then voted Yes for pesticides to be sprayed 22 feet from schools. Many school in Hawaii have students where nearly every kid has an asthma inhaler. These leaders must go!
  • Nominate a leader for Moms Across the World Prize, for caring FOR our children and protecting our planet.
  • Please email your video. We will post a video every day for the two week period in May.

Want to be a part of an international conversation and day of unity?
2. YES MAW MeetUp!
You are invited to join us on Saturday May 2, 2015 around the world and host a YES MAW MeetUP! Moms Across the World Meet Up, to celebrate Moms as we support each other through sharing our children's heath issues and the solutions we have discovered.
On Saturday May 2, 2015 we will unite in our homes around the world with an International live video call, connecting and inspring mothers in the actions they can take and the solutions they can offer their communities.

To be a part of this, host your own event around the 10:30 AM PST video call start time, for example 9:30-12:30 breakfast meetup on the West coast or a 12:30 -3:30 afternoon tea on the East coast (USA).

Our intention:
We intend for these events to be easy, inexpensive, empowering for the moms who attend and to have a powerful  impact on their communities. We suggest holding the event to have 1 hour for sharing your stories, 1 hour for solutions and 1 hour for our live video conference call. Make it an organic potluck!
How will we impact communities?
If each MeetUp has 15 moms who then go out and share with 5 moms each about going organic, who share with 5, who share with 5 moms = 1875 moms who go out and spend only 120 dollars a week on organic food X 100 Meetups = 1 billion dollar  increase in organic food sales per year, millions of dollars into our local communities and thousands of healthier, happier people!! Let's do this Moms!

3. Before May 2nd, we invite you to host a movie night at your home, gather and connect with local moms and empower your community to take a new road to health. See  our "Movie" page for suggestions.

Here's how to host an event...

First search in the box below to see if there is a nearby event, then click on the HOST YOUR OWN link below and enter your complete information.

Together we can cause a shift away from toxic food to the  whole, perfect, and organic food our mothers and grandmothers prepared for us and which nourished us to grow.

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