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The Feed The World project launched April 23,2015 with a World first, unique glyphosate test for the general public. The project with specific focus on women and children in the U.S. is offering the first ever validated public LC/MS/MS glyphosate testing for urine, water and soon breast milk. This could lead to a ban on the sale and use of glyphosate, the world’s number one herbicide.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announcement in March shocked the global biotech (GMO) industry by classifying their most profitable chemical – glyphosate – as a “probable human carcinogen” (1).


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Why test?


Henry Rowlands, Director of Feed The World (2) stated;

“Glyphosate is the backbone of our current agricultural system that supplies us with toxic food, water and air. We aim to ban glyphosate by allowing the public to inform themselves about what levels of glyphosate are found in their own and their family’s bodies. Feed The World will also give a platform to profitable, agriculture alternatives that allow farmers, businesses and governments to change direction towards a better non-toxic future for our children.”

The validated glyphosate testing method (2) sponsored by Feed The World will allow the general public to find out with certainty what levels of glyphosate are found in their bodies and in their tap water.

Our previous MAA tests and reports completed in 2014 showed that glyphosate is found in American women’s breast milk, urine and water, but due to the ELISA testing method used in these tests the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other government regulators were able to ignore the results. Feed The World has commissioned and sponsored a new validated LC/MS/MS testing method which will increase the pressure on the EPA and other regulators to take serious action on glyphosate-based herbicides, and potentially ban glyphosate.

 People with cancer:


The World Health Organization has recently declared glyphosate a Class 2 probable carcinogen. This is a serious matter and thousands of scientists have called for banning glyphosate entirely do to overwhelming evidence of lethal harm.

Glyphosate was found in the feeding tube liquid given to children in hospitals, Pediasure, 1100 X higher than has been shown to destroy gut bacteria, the stronghold of our immune system. This is criminal. Please warn your friends!

Please get your loved ones tested who have cancer.


Women Attempting to Become Pregnant:

Glyphosate has been shown to kill white shrimp ( as small as our fetuses) at levels far BELOW what is in our food.

We are especially concerned about the harm to fetuses at a very small dose of glyphosate, which has been shown to be a Teratogen (harming or halting developement of fetus!) Please encourage mothers attempting to get pregnant to get tested for glyphosate!




Breastfeeding Mothers:

In the future we will have further breast milk testing for glyphosate with lower detectability. We have already found 76-166 ppb in breast milk. Please eat organic, especially while breast feeding!




People with digestive issues:

Glyphosate destroys beneficial gut bacteria and promotes the proliferation of pathogenic gut bacteria!

Have  IBS, Crohn's, Colitis, auto immune diseases like arthritis, Lupus, psoriasis, excema, food allergies or asthma?  Does baby have colic? Get a test!


Healthy bacteria on left and broken down bacteria on right.



Children with Autism Symptoms or Behaviorial Issues:

The proliferation of pathogenic gut bacteria means the lippopolysaccharides on the outer walls of the pathogenic bacteria send signals through the vegas nerve to the brain to tell the brain to produce excito toxins called glutamate which can in turn KILL brain neurons! Know a child who has a tic, stammering, repetitive or erratic  behavior or autism symptoms? Share this info with them!


Is this a coincidence?

If Glyphosate does this to bacteria in a lab, what is it doing to the beneficial gut bacteria in our bodies? The bacteria which makes up our children's immune systems?


If you DO get yourself tested, please post your first name, city, state and results below in comment section!

GLYPHOSATE is the active chemical ingredient in Roundup, which is sprayed on the soil of 160 non organic food crops and  on GMO food crops genetically engineered to withstand Roundup. They stopped keeping track in 2009 of the millions of pounds that are being sprayed on our food, parks, schools and sidewalks. Last year alone the pesticides  usage increase 26%. Glyphosate is the most widely used pesticide in the year, over 5 billion pounds a year are sprayed on soil and crops around the world, 527 million since the introduction of GMOs in the USA alone.



How much glyphosate is used in your country?



In the past, Moms Across America worked with Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc.  (314) 645-2177 x104

We forever appreciate the efforts of Microbe Inotech and will continue to work with them. The current need for lower detectability testing has us currently promoting the FeedtheWorldProject. If you had tests done with Microbe Inotech you can rest assured you got the most accurate testing available to the public at a reasonable price, at the time. 

 If you need to contact Microbe about an existing order please call or contact them. MAA is not handling calls about glyphosate testing orders.


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